ESL Logic Problems - Family Members

This logic problem is good for beginners because it reviews family members. It helps them distinguish between female and male family members as well as English names.

These types of logic problems can be used for a listening exercise. Write the family members and their names on the board, but read the clues out loud. The students will only be able to solve the puzzle if they can accurately understand the clues you read.

Here is the logic problem:

Danny is having a birthday party with 6 of his family members. They are his grandmother, mother, aunt, brother, father, and uncle. Their names in random order are Ben, Lily, Jeff, Betty, Jane, and Luke.

Listen to the clues to discover the names of Danny's family members.

1. Ben is not Danny’s uncle.
2. Danny’s grandmother’s name starts with B.
3. Luke is not Danny’s brother.
4. Lily is not his aunt.
5. Danny’s father’s name is Jeff.


Grandmother: Betty
Aunt: Jane
Mother: Lily
Father: Jeff
Uncle: Luke
Brother: Ben

This logic problem seems easy, but beginners will have difficulty understanding all the clues. Remember, they need to be able to understand what you say before they can even think about solving the puzzle.

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