Adjectives - ESL Games

I have been looking on the Internet for the last hour trying to find some good adjective games. I have been working with a beginner class, and they are just starting to learn about adjectives, comparatives, and superlatives.

I am looking for some conversation-based activities that will get them practicing adjectives and speaking as well. Sadly, I have not found anything too interesting yet.

I have ideas and activities that I normally use, but I was looking for something new and fresh. Something that students will really enjoy. These students are in high school, around 17-18 years old.

So, I am wondering if anyone out there has a good link, or a good game they want to explain. Leave a comment with your idea. I originally wanted to make a link page for adjective games, but I am having too much trouble. So hopefully the comments with give us all some good ideas.

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