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Taboo is one of the most famous party games ever made. It is a word guessing game that is normally played in partners or teams.

The game is quite simple. Players try to guess a word on a card as their teammate uses verbal clues to give them hints. The only restriction is the player can't say any words from a list on the card. Here is an example card:

For this card, the player can't say the 5 words but must get her team to guess the word "watch".

This board game is perfect for ESL classes because it forces students to communicate. The fast pace also creates situations where students must think quickly, much like the real world. It also models a common speaking situation: one person has information and must explain it to another person, also known as an information gap.

If you are interested in the actual board game, yo
u can click here:


However, Taboo is a game you can make quite easily with paper and pens. It is also fun to have the students create the cards. It helps them practice vocabulary by creating the 5 words that are "taboo".

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