Catchphrase - ESL Board Games

Catchphrase is a popular party game, good for adults or families. The game is played in teams. It is similar to Taboo or Charades.

The object of the game is to score the most points for your team. The game consists of an electronic device that you load cards into. On the cards are hundreds of words. The player can say anything to get his or her team to guess the word on the card. When the teams guesses, the device is passed along to the next team and a new word is displayed. Players must think fast because when the time runs out, the team holding the device gives a point to the other team. In this regard, it is like hot potato.

This game is great for an ESL class because it makes students think quickly and use their speaking skills to communicate with their team. The speed and pressure of the game and the ticking device increases the need for proper vocabulary and pronunciation.

Like any party game, Catchphrase works well in the ESL class. Simply getting the students to speak and have fun at the same time is an accomplishment in itself. This game will allow you to do that. Plus, the endless cards and words mean the game never gets old. Young students will also like using the machine, especially as it ticks away like a time-bomb and goes off when the time is up.

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