ESL Logic Problems - Zoo Animals

Here is a logic problem you can use to practice listening comprehension. This is best for a beginner class.

Write the introduction on the board including the names of the animals and their types. Then, read the clues to the students who must try and determine the names of each animal.

Here is the logic problem:

The Toronto zoo has 6 new animals: zebra, elephant, lion, giraffe, hippopotamus, and a monkey. Their names are: Petey, Patricia, Danny, Daisy, Lucy and Larry but not necessarily in that order

1. The monkey’s name does not start with D.
2. Daisy is not a lion.
3. The giraffe’s name starts with “L”.
4. The zebra’s name does not start with P.
5. Danny is not a hippo.
6. The elephant’s name starts with a P.
7. The hippo’s name does not start with an L.
8. The Lion’s name starts with a P.
9. Larry is not a monkey.
10. The elephant’s name is Petey.

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