ESL Student Bingo

Student Bingo is a good game for ESL students to get to know each other. 

It works well in the first week of a new program, or when new students join an existing class. Here are the instructions to this popular icebreaker.
Students create a grid on a piece of paper. 3 by 3 works well. Inside each box, students write a statement, like some of these examples:

  • Has a sister
  • Likes baseball

Students then mingle around the room speaking with others. They need to fill in the squares with the name of someone who fits the statement. So, for example:

  • Plays the piano: Yuri

The statements can change depending on the level and target language. One that works well is present perfect for experiences:

  • Has been to Europe
  • Has never been to the United States

The first student to fill in all the squares wins. The only rule is you can only use a person's name once. Don't forget to yell BINGO!

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