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I am not normally a big fan of using books for pronunciation, but this one is an exception. Pronunciation Plus is a great companion for any ESL pronunciation lesson.

What I like most about it is the exercises, which keep the students engaged and gives them something they can work on in groups or partners. Often with pronunciation lessons it is difficult to give enough attention to everyone. However, with the exercises in this book, students can work together and still make progress.

The book covers all the major pronunciation categories including:

  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Consonant Clusters
  • Stress and Rhythm
  • Intonation
Each chapter covers a different lesson, and gives plenty of example words, listening activities, and practice exercises. The lists of words with similar sounds are always helpful. There are also conversations or sentences that are good to read aloud as a class.

After reading the word lists and sentences aloud, you can then put the students into groups and have them work on the exercises. These are activities such as underline the words with the same sound, or write down the number of long A sounds in this sentence.

I really like using this book, and I think it is useful for any ESL class. It is effective for beginners all the way to advanced, and can be used with many age levels.

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