Phrasal Verbs Game

Phrasal verbs can be a real challenge since there are so many of them. I thought of this game the other day when I was in class teaching Phrasal Verbs. It's simple, but fun.

Here are the instructions:
  • Make a table (grid) with about 16 or 25 squares.
  • Fill in the boxes with verbs and prepositions.               (Try for an equal amount of each)

Students work in teams and must choose a verb and a preposition to make a phrasal verb. They need to give a definition and an example. Here is an example:

Verb: Go
Preposition: Out
"Go out means go on a date with someone or be boyfriend and girlfriend. For example, Dave and Shelley are going out." 

Give a point for each correct answer. As each team takes a turn to guess, erase the words they used from the grid. It will get more difficult as there are fewer words on the board.

This is a basic review exercise, but it is a little more fun because the words are eliminated and some strategy can be incorporated.

Here is an example table for the phrasal verb game:

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