ESL Teaching Ideas

Are you an ESL teacher? If so, you are in the right place.

Let me help you with lesson planning, ideas, and activities. The ESL Teaching Ideas website gives ESL/EFL teachers ideas for their classrooms. The lessons, exercises, activities, and games are for teaching ESL.

These ideas focus on grammar, speaking, listening, writing, and more.

Some teaching ideas are for a full class, and others are simply games to fill in 5 or 10 minutes.

These ESL teaching ideas and games are a great way to make classes more dynamic and interesting for students.

The best ESL teaching ideas are those you create yourself, so take some of the information here and apply it to your class. Creative lesson plans and activities are what make ESL teaching so much fun!

Remember that a more dynamic classroom is a better learning environment.

The following links are for the different sections of ESL Teaching Ideas:

ESL Grammar Ideas

  • Activities and games for adding some fun to your grammar lessons

ESL Games
  • Games you can use in any type of ESL class

  • Ideas to use everyday board games in the ESL classroom

  • Logic activities and puzzles to add some fun to your ESL lesson plans

ESL Tasks and Role-Plays
  • More developed lessons and activities to get your students speaking

  • Conversation questions and starters you can use with your students

ESL Music Ideas
  • Music activities you can use for listening practice or to add to a grammar lesson

ESL Resources
  • Various resources to help you with your teaching

ESL Book Reviews
  • Reviews of some popular ESL teaching books