Prepositions Conversation Questions

Prepositions can be challenging since they are so small and so common.

Worksheets and exercises are good, but what about using them in speaking?

Here are some preposition conversation questions to practice In, On, and At:
  • When were you born?
  • Do you know what time you were born?
  • When is your birthday?
  • What city do you live in?
  • What time do you wake up during the week?
  • What time do you wake up on the weekends?
  • What time do you go to bed?
  • Where is your school?
  • Where is your house?
  • Where is your bank?
  • When do you eat lunch?
  • When do you eat dinner?
  • Where do you eat your meals?
  • Where do you like to study?
  • In what months are the important holidays in your country?
  • What year did you graduate elementary/secondary school?

Make sure the students are answering the questions with IN, ON, or AT. This works well in partners, and gives them a chance to practice the prepositions they just learned.

For a test on these prepositions that you can photocopy and handout, try this page:
In, On, At Test


  1. Great post -- thanks very much! Prepositions are always really hard for people to grasp at first because they seem so random, so it's useful to have such a clear guide. I'll recommend it to all my friends who are learning English!

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