Second Conditional Activities

The second conditional is an important grammar structure in English. It is common in speaking, so students should learn to use it correctly, especially in conversation. 

You can try the following games and activities to help your students practice the second conditional.

Second Conditional Survey

Here are the instructions for this 2nd conditional activity:

1.  Each student writes 5 questions using the second conditional (e.g. What would you do if you won the lottery?)

2.  Students choose one of their own questions they like the best.

3.  Students mingle throughout the class asking their question to classmates.

4.  Students record answers in point form or short notes with the name of the person who gave that reply. (e.g. Yuki would travel around the world)

5.  Students individually choose the best and worst answers from the list of classmate answers. This is only based on opinion.

6.  Students report the best and worst answer to the class without giving names. 


After reporting the best and worst answers, the other students can guess who said each answer. To do this, it is important to have a group that is very comfortable with each other. If not, some students may be offended by having their answers chosen as the worst.

Another option is to have students choose their best question with a partner. This creates a little extra discussion as they can negotiate which of the questions would work best for the activity.

Second Conditional Task Order

This speaking activity helps students practice the second conditional. It is a good variation from the standard conditional conversation questions.

Here are the instructions:

1.  Teacher provides students with example tasks and 4   
     ways to complete these tasks.
     Learn to Swim
     a)  watch a video
     b)  Ask friends for help
     c)  Take lessons
     d)  Jump in!

     Clean the Kitchen

     a)  Wash the dishes
     b)  Mop the floor
     c)  Take the garbage out
     d)  Clean the oven

2.  Students work in pairs to discuss 3 main questions:
      a)  What order would you use to complete this task?
      b)  Which items would you not do?
      c)  Which items would you add to the list?

The value of this activity is there are no right or wrong answers. This is what creates a situation where the students can be free to speak.

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