Present Perfect Activities

The present perfect is one of the most studied verb tenses in English. You probably have lots of grammar worksheets, but what about the games? These two present perfect games will help you add some fun to your classes.

Have you ever?
Have you ever was a game we used to play when we were teenagers. It was a fun way to find out more about your friends. It works as a ESL game too.

1. Students take turns asking a have you ever question. (e.g. "Have you ever been to France?" Have you ever eaten sushi?"

2. All other students take an action to show yes or no. Put a large number of things on the table. It could be anything you have lots of. I've used blocks, pencil crayons, playing cards, etc. When students answers yes to the question, they take out an item. This way the group can see they answered yes.

What has changed?

This is a fun game to practice the present perfect.

1. Send a student (or a small group) out of the classroom. 

2. The other students make changes to the room. (e.g. move the desks, change the writing on the board, move the books.)

3. The other students return. They make statements based on what they think has changed. (e.g. "the books have moved from the front to the back.")

You can give them points for each correct statement. You can award points for sentence structure as well as accuracy of the statement.

Would you like some present perfect tests to help your students? They can complete them online or you can print them out for the class. Here they are:

Present Perfect Test

Present Perfect Test 2

Present Perfect Test 4

Or, how about a logic activity? This is a fun printable game you can use with your students to practice the present perfect. You can find the link here:

Present Perfect Grammar Logic Activity

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