Modal Verbs Activity

Modal verbs are challenging for students because they have so many uses. One use is possibility. 

Here is a good activity for modal verbs of possibility.

Use magazines, newspapers, or any material that has images. In partners or groups the students use the pictures to make statements of possibility with modal verbs.
Example statements:
  • This person must be rich.
  • They might be married.
  • They could be going to a party.
  • She might be tired in this picture.
Modals for Possibility:
  • MAY
  • MUST

Encourage students to follow up the statements with questions and conversation.


A: He must be a singer.
B: Why do you think that? He could be an actor.
A: No, he is not an actor. He must be a singer, because he is in a concert hall.

This activity is good to practice the modal verbs while speaking. For grammar accuracy, make sure students are following modals with base verbs.

Here is an excellent test for modal verbs of possibility:

Modal Verbs for Possibility Test

Copy and print the test, and then use it with your students. If you would like a lesson for this grammar, try this modal verbs for possibility lesson.

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