My name is David Boughton, and I have been teaching English for about 10 years.  I have taught ESL, EFL, and business communication.  I spent most of my teaching time in Toronto, Canada.

I started ESL Teaching Ideas as a way to share my experience teaching English.  Like many teachers, I began developing activities and ideas as I continued in my teaching.  I found what worked and what didn't.  I invented games and activities to improve my classes.  I found resources to help me.  I continue to do these same things to improve my classes.

I believe this site can help English teachers, be it ESL, EFL, or any other type of English teaching.  I have grouped my ideas into categories and topics you can find in the menus and navigation.  I hope these teaching ideas help you in your teaching.

I invite you to browse the site and use any of the activities you like.  Feel free print anything for your classes.  Feel free to share anything you find.  

If you would like to connect with me, feel free to check out my Twitter account.  I share education, elearning, and ESL ideas on my feed.  I wish you happy teaching, and I hope to connect!

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