What Order Would You Do It? - 2nd Conditional Speaking Activity

This speaking activity helps students practice the 2nd conditional.  It is a good variation from the standard conditional conversation questions.

1.  The teacher provides students with example tasks and 4   
     ways to complete these tasks.
     Learn to swim
     a)  watch a video
     b)  Ask friends for help
     c)  Take lessons
     d)  Do it

     Clean the kitchen

     a)  Wash the dishes
     b)  Mop the floor
     c)  Take the garbage out
     d)  Clean the oven

2.  The students work in pairs an discuss 3 main questions:
      a)  What order would you use to complete this task?
      b)  Which items would you not do?
      c)  Which items would you add to the list?

Depending on the samples you give, some hypothetical questions become more appropriate than others.  For example, in the swimming example above, it makes more sense to choose one method of learning to swim.  In the cleaning example, it makes more sense to discuss the order and add some more.

The value of this activity is there are no right or wrong answers.  This is what creates a situation where the students can be free to speak.

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