ESL Logic Problems - Shopping

Here is another ESL logic problem.

These are wonderful for practicing listening skills, and getting students to think a little more. Simply read the instructions in class and have the students try to solve the answers.

This logic problem works well with a shopping unit as it has some different items to buy.


6 friends went shopping last weekend. There names are Susan, Sam, Michael, Melissa, Andrew, and Alisa.

They each bought one item, including jeans, socks, a jacket, a video game, a blender, and an iPod.

Listen to the clues and try and decide which person bought each item.


1. Melissa did not buy clothes.
2. The person who bought the blender does not have a name that starts with S.
3. Andrew did not buy anything electronic.
4. Alisa did not buy a kitchen item.
5. The jacket was not bought by someone with a name that starts with A.
6. Sam did not buy clothes.
7. Michael did not buy the video game.
8. Susan did not buy any pants.
9. The person who bought the iPod does not have a name that starts with M.
10. Alisa did not buy anything for her feet.
11. Michael didn’t buy jeans.
12. Susan did not buy a music player.
13. The video game was not bought by a person whose name starts with S.
14. Alisa did not buy the video game.



Susan - Jacket
Sam - iPod
Michael - Blender
Melissa - Video Game
Andrew - Socks
Alisa - Jeans


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