ESL Teaching Ideas - Love and Dating

Love and Dating is a favourite theme for students. Here are some activities that you can use when using this topic in the ESL classroom.

Place students in two groups of girls vs. boys.

Have them make lists on these topics:

  • 5 things to not do on a first date.
  • 5 foods to not order on a first date
  • 5 things they look for in a guy/girl
  • 5 things they don't want in a boyfriend/girlfriend
After they have made the lists, have them read and compare their answers as a class. They will get a laugh out of the differences in the lists.

Another good activity for conversation is speed dating. Explain what speed dating is, and then have your students act it out. Give them 2-4 minutes with each partner and then change. This is especially good for lower students who need to practice basic conversation questions. Students can role-play and ask questions appropriate for a first date.


  1. Simple and very interesting. I´m sure it´ll work out in my group.

  2. Thanks Dilma!

    I hope it does work out for your group. I know it is especially good for teenagers and young adults.