Role Play Games

Role-play games are one of the most popular activities in an ESL classroom. They give students the opportunity to use English in near-authentic situations.

The following list of games ask students to take on a role to complete some sort of task:

Welcome to the Party

One person is the host of a party. Every guest that arrives must act out a certain characteristic or be a famous person. The host only has a short time to guess the character or characteristic before the next person arrives.

Who Am I???

Type up a list of between 15-20 names of current famous people, e.g.: "Madonna", "Tom Cruise", etc. and cut into slips of paper approx. 1 1/2 " by 3". Pin a slip of paper onto each student's back. Students circulate and ask each other Yes or No questions about the person's name pinned to their backs until they guess who they "are". Elizabeth, Vancouver, BC, Canada
write the name of famous people on post it notes and each student puts one on their forehead or back. As the students go around asking questions

Mock Restaurant

Students take pretend to be waiters/waitresses, customers, managers, host/hostesses, etc. They role play through a full restaurant experience which may include reservations, discussing a menu and ordering, complaints, paying a bill, tipping, etc. Student can rotate so that they all practice each role.

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