ESL Vocabulary Ideas - JUST

Just is a commonly used word in conversational English. As a formal adjective, it means fair. As an adverb, it has many uses. Here are some of the uses of just.

Recently In the Past
I just arrived.
The game has just started.

I just need $5.
I’m just a kid. I can’t lift something so big.

You look just like your sister.
This is just what I needed.

A Small Amount, A Little, Barely
We have just enough glasses for the guests.
We just missed that other car.

Almost (with about)
It is just about time to start the music.
We were just about to begin class.

Just Do It.
Just wait here please.

SongsThere are many songs that have the word just in the title or chorus. They are effective to use in class as listening exercises. The use of the word just can be investigated and classified like the previous categories. The lyrics provide an opportunity for review of the usage as well as discussion. For example, No Doubt's "I'm Just a Girl" talks about the perception of the lead singer because she is "only" a girl.
Here is a list of songs that use the word "just" in the lyrics:

I’m Just a Girl

No Doubt

Just Dance
Lady Gaga

Just Called
Stevie Wonder

Just the Two of Us 
Bill Withers


The Party’s Just Begun
Cheetah Girls

Just the Way You Are
Billy Joel

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