ESL Logic Problems - Movies

This ESL listening activity is a logic problem about movies. Read the instructions and the clues and students must discover the answer. These logic problems are easiest to solve if the students use a grid with Movies and People on the axis.

There are six people who are discussing their favourite movies. They are John, Jane, Rob, Rebecca, Brad, and Brenda. These are their favourite movies:

Pretty Woman
Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean

Use the clues to discover which person likes which movie.

1. One of the girls likes Pirates of the Caribbean the best.

2. No one whose name begins with R likes science fiction movies about space.

3. No one likes a movie that starts with the same letter as his/her name.

4. Brad and Brenda both think that Titanic is a bad movie.

5. None of the men like Pretty Woman.

6. One of the girls likes Titanic the best.

7. None of the women likes Jaws.

8. Rebeca doesn’t like Pirates of the Caribbean.

9. A man likes Spiderman the best.

10. Brad doesn’t like Spiderman.

11. Rob’s favourite movie is Jaws.

12. Rebeca hates Titanic.


John - Spiderman
Jane - Titanic
Rob - Jaws
Rebecca - Pretty Woman
Brad - Star Wars
Brenda - Pirates of the Caribbean 

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  2. I wish the answers were posted - for all of them

  3. Hi Jay,

    I will get the answers posted soon.

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Are the answers somewhere?

    1. Well, seeing as it is a logic problem, you have to discover the answers for yourself. Feel free to post your answers here and we will confirm if they are correct.

  5. Yes, because that really is why ESL teachers use this website, so they can test their own "high beginner" English skills against the almighty ESL Teaching Ideas blog.

    We use these for students in class, so having the answers up here would save a lot of valuable time !

    1. Ha Ha, thanks for the hilarious post. It is true, the answers should be up here. Thanks for calling out my laziness. I just had never written them down, so now I have to solve it.

      I've posted them now.